The Under-Ranked: “No Strings Attached”

Ross Bonaime

Ross has been a lover of films for as long as he can remember. Since childhood, he has engulfed himself with movies, always trying to learn and watch more than any one lone human should ever attempt. Ross went to George Mason University, where he received a bachelors degree in communication with a focus in journalism and a film studies minor. He is a writer for Paste Magazine and Brightest Young Things. He loves all films, genres and periods. From George Melies to Christopher Nolan, Ross will watch anything to further his ongoing film education. Ross can be found at  rbonaime on Flickchart.

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3 Responses

  1. Jandy Stone says:

    I remember when the trailer for Brothers came out, and there was a big tonal switch in the middle that kind of made me go WTF. The first half was basic wartime melodrama, then when Maguire’s character came home, it turned to an almost psychological thriller feel. Did the film do the same thing, or was it more consistent than the marketing?

  2. Ross Bonaime says:

    The trailer is a pretty horrible representation of how the film is actually. I remember listening to Filmspotting and them also having a similar reaction to the trailer. The thing is, the film actually has very little preaching about the war in it. Plus the thriller aspect you’re speaking of is only about three minutes of the film. But the build up to that part is so beautifully handled, it works as a great culmination of fear and uncertainty that just left me so stunned and moved. Maguire and the subject matter in the film really surprised me, probably more than any film of 2009.

  3. johnmason says:

    I always wanted to see Brothers.

    What, no mention of Ashton’s under-ranked films? :D