The Top Ten Americana Movies of All Time

Jandy Hardesty

Jandy is a film buff, music fan, internet addict, and gamer girl. That’s the overview, anyway. She’s drawn to classic, off-beat, and foreign film, but loves a good blockbuster action sequence, too. Hailing from the midwest originally, she now resides in Los Angeles. You know, for the great cost of living to be had there. Or not. At least there’s a great music scene and a lot of repertory cinemas. At one point, academia seemed in the cards, but now she’s left that world. Maybe for good, but who really knows? In any case, two years of an M.A. in literature have left their mark, for good or ill. You can find her on Flickchart as faithx5, and elsewhere at The Frame, and sometimes at Row Three.

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7 Responses

  1. John Taylor says:

    Well, at least, you do have Mr. Smith on the list.

  2. Stuart Cope says:

    What about Independance Day?

  3. Iam_Spartacus says:

    Just about anything John Ford did could be on this list.

  4. Stuart Cope says:

    Yeah I was

  5. Caesar says:

    Great top 10, although I’d probably switch O Brother, Where Art Thou? with something like Rocky.