The Top 10 Movies of 2007

Connor Adamson

Connor is currently studying Law at Villanova University. When he isn't swamped by law readings, he watches plenty of films and sometimes writes about them. He hopes to be the most qualified evaluator of John Grisham based films at the end of law school.

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  1. 141 films! Sweet diversity! 2007 is a better year than I originally assumed…

    • As to what I was doing in 2007, I was coming to grips with the end of my first truly serious relationship and living on my own for the first time in seven plus years. Interesting time…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Of my 98 movies from 2007 on my list (5 of which make the list and 1 from the bloggers picks) it is The Mist which rates the highest only beating The Orphanage by one spot. The only other 2007 movie in my top 100 at the moment is Live Free or Die Hard.

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