‘The Phantom Menace’ To Be Only ‘Star Wars’ in 3D?

Nigel Druitt

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15 Responses

  1. movieguyjon says:

    Heh, so it looks like we might never get the original trilogy in 3D afterall. I kid. If the conversion is good on the first film, I imagine people will go. Wake me up when Empire Strikes Back gets the conversion.

  2. Colin Biggs says:

    Oh good… the second worst film in the series.I would totally pay money to see that in 3D.

  3. Nigel Druitt says:

    That’s just it, Jon. I think a lot of people are going to feel that way. So if The Phantom Menace tanks in 3D, they won’t do the rest…

    Who am I kidding? 3D sucks, so who cares anyway? It’s not going to improve either The Phantom Menace or The Empire Strikes Back, so what’s the point?

    • Master Maul says:

      so let’s make sure this all happens the way it should. Star Wars has got to continue in whatever way we can imagine, and it’s up to every fanatic and avid out there to band together. heck, let’s do our part to advertiseit, send the Star Wars guys money, OR SOMETHING. George Lucas needs our support, this series’ survival depends on all of us. PLEASE LET IT NEVER DIE!!!

    • Master Maul says:

      sure 3D might get boring after a while, but that will make it a little different, and a little bit coller in my opinion. SUre, some parts it wont make a big difference, but lightsaber battles in 3D are going to be wicked! I want to see the WHOLE SERIES re-released, because I love star wars so much, its hard to see it go away. Now there’s a chance to “revive” it if you will, I want to take it, and I hope we all will take it. Same with Harry Potter- it’s hard to see such a long, popular, good series dissapear. i mean, it won’t be TRULY gone for a while but after too long, these movies will be forgotten about and hardly remembered, except by those (like us) who saw them in theatre, or on VHS or DVD, who actually knew some or all of the series in its prime. We’ve got to preserve this truly unique movie timepiece that has inspired, formed, and affected countless kids and adults, even today. It won’t always be like this. As was said In Pirates of the Carribean 3, “Never shall we die.”

  4. Master Maul says:

    I agree…. I thought it was a done deal to do all six of them in 3D, but I guess not. It’s not so much the 3D i’m excited about, it’s the fact that star wars isn’t really dead. It’s an incredible series, so let’s support it as much as possible until all people who saw any star wars movie in a theatre all croak- ’bout 100 years down the road. We’ve got to keep alive this cinematic treasure of deep, heartfelt value. So spend your, money, folks (not foolishly or extravegantly so, but you get what I mean). And If they DO re-release all the movies like this, will they be the “edited” or “updated’ versions? (i.e., new Anakin ghost, etc.) C’mon, let’s see ’em ALL! WOOOO-HOOOO!!!!!!!!

  5. Master Maul says:

    We can’t just sit there- purchase the tickets! Buy the merchandise! The better reception we give it, the more movies there will be! HUZZAH!

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