The Guilty Pleasures: “Point Break”

Michael Osciak

I go to the movies alone at least once a week and I am Zac Efron's biggest fan. Each day, I try to watch one movie that I have never seen before. I embarrass my wife with my love for movies but seeing how she has only seen like ten movies, which one of us should be embarrassed?

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6 Responses

  1. John Murphy says:

    I am right there with you Michael. I have many guilty pleasures. While Point Break isn’t necessarily one of them, I see where you’re coming from. Army of Darkness, Johnny Mnemonic and, more recently, Repo Men are some of my favorites.

    Each one has some redeeming quality. Army of Darkness for Bruce Campbell’s charm and Sam Raimi’s direction, Johnny Mnemonic for the concept and “interesting” one liners, and Repo Men for its interesting concept and for keeping me entertained throughout the entire flick.

  2. Nigel Druitt says:

    I love this. Point Break is actually one of those movies I can’t believe I’ve never seen.

    John: Johnny Mnemonic? Oh, dear lord… ;)

  3. Nigel Druitt says:

    (And I’m sorry; this type of post should be immune to bashing!)

  4. Travis McClain says:

    Three things. Firstly, I’m happy to see “Guilty Pleasures” become a recurring feature! I touched on the topic in an early post ( but never thought about exploring it further.

    Secondly, I had to laugh at your introductory paragraph because last night we went to the theater and saw The Green Hornet (which will likely find itself the subject of an entry in this series one day!), but my cousin and I agreed that next week we want to go see Black Swan, which neither of us has gone to see yet.

    Lastly, despite the strength of the case you make here, I think Hot Fuzz is the best defense of Point Break. ;)

  5. Michael Osciak says:


    It’s funny you mention your intro as I had an intro written. But then Nathan reminded me of the one you wrote a year back and the piece you wrote is perfect. You wrote about Grandma’s Boy which is one of my favorite flicks that not many people have seen.

    How was Green Hornet? I know I will see it soon enough as I am a sucker for guility pleasures and I could see myself falling for it.

    I love in Hot Fuzz how many times they bring up Point Break. I need to rewatch Hot Fuzz one of these days.

  6. Travis McClain says:

    The Green Hornet has traditionally had a problem finding the right tone since its radio days. The 1960s TV show was played a little too straight, for instance. I’m still convinced that the entire reason that they made Observe and Report was to prepare us for accepting Seth Rogen as the Hornet in this movie. Most of it works, but there are an awful lot of abrupt jumps, like there’s a good 20 minutes of deleted scenes waiting to be seen on Blu-ray. It’s definitely a “just go with it” kind of action movie. I think it’d make a nice companion piece to, say, Pineapple Express or the aforementioned Observe and Report.

    Back on topic, though, I haven’t seen Point Break in years. I remember laughing last year when everyone was fawning over Kathryn Bigelow over The Hurt Locker, as though she’d never made this movie. It’s always fun watching people have to reconcile movies like this with the hyperbolic praise they want to heap on someone once they turn in “serious” work.