The Guilty Pleasures: “Cabin Boy”

Jeff Lombardi

Jeff is a former high school English teacher who got out of the business for several reasons. He enjoys watching all sorts of movies and television shows and playing video games when his wife allows it. He credits Mystery Science Theater 3000 for developing his critical eye for film, and admonishes it for alienating him from kids his age because he couldn't just shut the hell up and watch the movie. You can find him on Flickchart under the username barrylutz. He tells me he would like to thank you for your interest in his profile. That is all.

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23 Responses

  1. Nigel Druitt says:

    I saw this once. I know I did.
    It just didn’t stick with me.

  2. Totally agree – I love this film. I’ve been a big fan of Chris Elliott and his humor since the early days of Letterman.

    *”I just don’t get it – she seems totally uninterested in me, despite my smothering obsessiveness!”*

  3. Stankshadow says:

    Would you like to buy a monkey? I love that Dan the Automator and Prince Paul sample and reference Chris Elliott’s comedy.

  4. Wrym says:

    Great flick though the sequel lacked most of the zaniness.

  5. Holophonist says:

    “Oh Skunk, Mr. Big Shot, Mr. Mythology Man, what the hell is THAT?”

    Skunk: I dunno. Just a big guy, I guess

  6. I’m loving all the quotes. “Man, oh, man, do I hate them Fancy Lads.”

  7. These pipes are CLEAAAAN!!

  8. Rombolio says:

    One of Brad Pitt’s first roles in a movie, maybe first. Anyone know where to find him?

  9. sourapples says:

    Amber Tamblyn’s father, Russ Tamblyn, played Chocki the shark-man in this film

  10. Charles Does says:

    Very nice choice! Cabin Boy is great fun!

  11. mindspread says:

    The first and only time I did LSD we ended the evening by watching this movie. It was amazing.

    I have refused to watch it again for fear of ruining that memory…

  12. darwinzinn says:

    THIS MOVIE!!! So good!

  13. Chuck Dotson Chuck Dotson says:

    A Top 10 all-time line: “We gotta stop him before gets his filthy hands on the Dirty Whore!”

  14. Amy - the wife says:

    I love you but I don’t love your admiration of this movie. :)