The Guilty Pleasures: “Armageddon”

Michael Osciak

I go to the movies alone at least once a week and I am Zac Efron's biggest fan. Each day, I try to watch one movie that I have never seen before. I embarrass my wife with my love for movies but seeing how she has only seen like ten movies, which one of us should be embarrassed?

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5 Responses

  1. Eckert says:

    i dont like that people have to have “guilty pleasures”.  i say if you like something, then like it and screw what anyone else thinks.

    • EquityDiversity says:

      Agreed! No matter how much one can brag about art film or what not, movies are still entertainment!

    • David Greenwood says:

       Seriously.  “Guilty Pleasure” implies that there’s something wrong with liking it.  Don’t be embarrassed to like anything!  One look at my flickchart should prove that.  Call this section something like “Where’s the Love?” or “Underrated Movies” instead.

  2. Lou Secki says:

    I’ll stick up for you as too enjoy this movie. However, it made you want to become a driller? really?

  3. Nigel Druitt says:

    I saw Armageddon in the theater, and I quite loved it. Look, The Rock is easily the best movie Michael Bay is ever going to make, lightyears ahead of the rest of his resume, but Armageddon is with the first Transformers at the top of that particular heap.

    Michael Bay makes entertaining movies, and I like movies as entertainment. Armageddon is fun. (By the way, anybody know the script was contributed to by Mr. J.J. “Hot-Sh##” Abrams? Another man who knows how to entertain me.)