“The Amazing Spider-Man” Trailer Is Here

Nathan Chase

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11 Responses

  1. MrBrowntheReviewer says:

    I’m actually looking forward to this. Although Raimi won’t be directing it will be nice to see a fresh reboot to the series with Andrew Garfield as the leading role and a whole cast of ensemble actors. Garfield has shown us he can act from his role in The Social Network and I feel as if he’ll do an even more supreme job here. We’ll just have to wait until July of 2012 to find out if this will be true or not.

  2. XerafCz says:

    It looks pretty cool. I like that they put his parents in and Gwen looks great. I would wanna see more of a costume in action instead of that pov scene which i hope will not be in the movie or will see some improvement. Mainly that last scene makes me a bit scared for Spidey otherwise it looks solid.

  3. Poor Dylan Baker.  He plays Curt Connors in the Raimi “Spider-Man” trilogy, and it’s only now that the character is re-cast that he finally becomes The Lizard.  That sucks.

    Otherwise, I’m frankly origin-story’d out.  I think even the general public with its allegedly short attention span can remember how Peter Parker became Spider-Man by now.  This obsession with “the beginning” frankly bores me.  Still, I dig Emma Stone and I’m gonna go see this anyway and I know it.  I just wish I felt like I was going to see something that might actually surprise me instead of regurgitating something so familiar.

    If they’re smart, they’ll have sequel plans in place and get those made in quick succession before Garfield ages out of playing teenage Peter Parker.  I say this because clearly no one has any  confidence in telling stories about college student/adult Peter Parker and frankly I have no desire to see another reboot six years from now.

  4. Joeygreen says:

    This looks pretty good and junk.

  5. Colin Biggs says:

    It’s piqued my curiosity which is half the battle.

  6. Nigel Druitt says:

    There’s no reason they had to do the origin again. None. They could have brought in an entirely different cast and crew and just made another Spider-Man movie.

    I’m almost surprised the Green Goblin isn’t the villain. And the fact that I like the Lizard so much is the main thing that doesn’t have me rejecting this movie outright. (Though, of course, even then, I know I’d see it eventually anyway…)