The 5 Best Card-Playing Films on Flickchart

14 Mar

For decades, the world of gambling has captured the imagination of filmmakers.  Card games such as blackjack and poker have long been used either as a plot builder or as a primary story arc.  While some films have went on to be box office smashes, others should be thrown in the muck.  Today we present to you five of the top card game films on Flickchart.


Rounders is the quintessential poker movie and the one that every movie after it has tried to mimic in some fashion. ¬†Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) is a card player, known as a “rounder”, that gives up the game until an old friend convinces him to come back. ¬†Mike rediscovers his love of the game but then falls prey to the seedy side of the game. ¬†The film is famous for its accurate portrayal of poker and the pros that play the game, as well as the infamous “Oreo Tell” that gives McDermott the edge in the ultimate confrontation with “KGB.”¬†

Rounders is ranked #807 on Flickchart.


The western comedy from stars Mel Gibson in the title role for the big screen version of the classic TV show. ¬†Maverick and friends go on a series of misadventures on their way to the ultimate five card draw poker tournament – one that awards $500,000 for first. ¬†Maverick is looking to prove that he has that “special magic” in his game and finds out that playing the people is sometime the most difficult game of all.

Maverick is ranked #1566 on Flickchart.

The Cincinnati Kid

Prior to Rounders, the 1965 film starring Steve McQueen and Edward G. Robinson was viewed as one of the most realistic portrayals of the poker lifestyle. ¬†McQueen plays Eric “The Kid” Stoner, a five card stud player who believes he is the best in the world. ¬†Robinson plays Lancey “The Man” Howard, the man who really is the best in the world. ¬†The Kid sets out to prove that he is indeed the best player in the world but finds out in one of the most unlikely hands you will ever see that sometimes destiny is not “in the cards.”¬†

The Cincinnati Kid is ranked #1975 on Flickchart.


The 2008 film 21¬†focuses primarily on the “MIT Blackjack Team” and their quest to make millions at the blackjack tables in Vegas. ¬†These brilliant whiz kids at the game of blackjack learn the hard way the realities behind what was supposed to be “easy money.” One member of the infamous MIT Blackjack Team, Andy Bloch, is actually now a pro poker player. ¬†Andy Bloch claims that none of the characters are fashioned after him but some say that Jim Sturgess’s character of Ben Campbell is a younger “better looking” version of Bloch.

21 is ranked #4019 on Flickchart.

Hitting the Nuts

The one indie film on this list is actually a mockumentary on the game of poker. ¬†Unlike the other films, this film looks at the game of poker at the amateur level. ¬†While the film’s characters and situations are a bit over the top, it accurately captures the essence of the game as it is for many poker players who will never come close to being professional players.

Hitting the Nuts is as of yet unranked on Flickchart.

  • Matt Wilkinson

    Where are Rainman and Casino Royale? Both better than Maverick. :(

  • OhioHedgehog

    Neither Rainman nor Casino Royale were really card movies, although I enjoy them both … but how about some love for “Big Hand for the Little Lady”?

  • Caesar

    I really like Rounders, but the whole “Oreo Tell” was so goofy.

  • shcxatter2

    where the heck did you forgot Shade