The 20 Best TV Shows on Netflix Instant Watch

8 Aug


Typically, we use this spot to tell you about all the new releases coming to Netflix Instant Watch this week. Unfortunately, August is a dead month and nothing of significance comes out this week, so let’s count down the top 20 TV shows on Netlfix Streaming… 

#20. The Office (US) (Seasons 1-6)add The Office to my Netflix instant queue

the office on netflix instant streaming

The show has unfortunately gone flat recently but the first few seasons are absolutely amazing.

#19. Chappelle’s Show (S1-3)add Chappelle's Show to my Netflix instant queue

chappelle's show on netflix instant streaming

The only downside to watching this series is realizing how much you miss Chappelle.

#18. The X-Files (S1-9)add The X-Files to my Netflix instant queue

The X-Files on netflix instant streaming

Always an interesting way to kill an hour. I use it as a pallet cleanser after I go on a 6+ episodes in one day rush on another show on Netflix.

#17. The Larry Sanders Show (S1-6)add The Larry Sanders Show to my Netflix instant queue

The Larry Sanders Show on netflix instant streaming

This is here mostly because of its reputation. Watching it started to wear me out around Season 3. It’s an interesting show but pace yourself with it.

#16. Quantum Leap (S1-5)add Quantum Leap to my Netflix instant queue

Quantum Leap on netflix instant streaming

Quantum Leap is growing on me. Once you get past the terrible music, it’s a whole lot of fun.

#15. Rocko’s Modern Life (S1-4)add Rocko's Modern Life to my Netflix instant queue

Rocko's Modern Life on netflix instant streaming

My absolute favorite show from my childhood and without any real DVDs available, this is the best way to watch it.

#14. Battlestar Galactica (S1-4)add Battlestar Galactica to my Netflix instant queue

Battlestar Galactica on netflix instant streaming

I have yet to find the time to watch this show yet but it has a great reputation.

#13. Saturday Night Live (S1-36)add SNL to my Netflix instant queue

SNL on netflix instant streaming

SNL would be much higher on this list if the full episodes were available. In some cases, it appears they don’t have the rights to use certain sketches and musical performances.

#12. Sherlock (S1)add Sherlock to my Netflix instant queue

Sherlock on netflix instant streaming

Current Doctor Who mastermind Steven Moffat’s brilliant take on the Sherlock Holmes stories.

#11. 30 Rock (S1-4)add 30 Rock to my Netflix instant queue

30 Rock on netflix instant streaming

30 Rock is the kind of show you fall hard for. I raced through the first three seasons in about two weeks because I was so hooked.

#10. Party Down (S1-2)add Party Down to my Netflix instant queue

Party Down on netflix instant streaming

The best show nobody has watched over the past couple years.

#9. Lost (S1-6)add Lost to my Netflix instant queue

Lost on netflix instant streaming

The second show on this list I have yet to get around to watching. It has a pretty sterling reputation though.

#8. South Park (S1-14)add South Park to my Netflix instant queue

South Park on netflix instant streaming

I’m not meaning for this to be an advertisement for Netflix but come on, 14 entire seasons of South Park on demand, without commercials plus everything else on this list and a bunch of great movies – Netflix is a steal, even if they’re upping the price for their DVD service.

#7. Firefly (S1)add Firefly to my Netflix instant queue

Firefly on netflix instant streaming

You really do owe it to yourself to see what the internet fuss is all about with Firefly.

#6. Parks and Recreation (S1-2)add Parks and Recreation to my Netflix instant queue

Parks and Recreation on netflix instant streaming

Once Season Three is available, this jumps into the top three. For my money, the best American show on TV right now.

#5. Ken Burns Documentariesadd Ken Burns Documentaries to my Netflix instant queue

Ken Burns Documentaries on netflix instant streaming

In particular, the fantastic Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson. Baseball, Jazz, The Civil War, National Parks and much more are available too.

#4. Star Trek (S1-3)add Star Trek to my Netflix instant queue

Star Trek on netflix instant streaming

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Netflix Streaming is a sci-fi nerd’s best friend.

#3. Mad Men (S1-4)add Race the Sun to my Netflix instant queue

mad men on netflix instant streaming july 27th

Netflix is paying $1 million per episode to have the rights to stream Mad Men and will eventually carry all seven seasons when all is said and done.

#2. Doctor Who (S1-5)add Doctor Who to my Netflix instant queue

Doctor Who on netflix instant streaming

Definitely the most addictive series on the list. I’ve plowed through all five seasons over the past two months and loved every single second.

#1. The Twilight Zone (S1-3, 5)add The Twilight Zone to my Netflix instant queue

The Twilight Zone on netflix instant streaming

As long as it’s not a Civil War-era episode (it’s amazing how awful each of them are), The Twilight Zone is still the best TV can be.

  • WillHunting

    WHAT?! No Arrested Development?

  • Anonymous

    You really need to find the time to watch BSG.  Best TV series of all time.  And Will Hunting is right, Arrested Development needs to be on the list. 

    • Dan Rohr

      It’s between that and Lost for the next series I race through.

      Arrested Development would’ve been #21 but I had to cut-off somewhere.

  • Screenamesuck

    Weeds, Dexter, arrested development, sons of anarchy, Jericho, Spartacus, Merlin, the IT crowd, skins (uk), prison break, survivors (uk) and the spectacular Spiderman should all be added to your list.

  • Asushooter

    why dont we update this with shows that people actually watch now a days

  • Slodovico18

    Lost and Mad Men are the two best shows on netflix… the only thing that would make it better, THE SOPRANOS!

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  • movieguyjon

    Has Quantum Leap put the full seasons up for streaming on Netflix or are there still random episodes missing from each? Last I checked the pilot wasn’t available for streaming as well as a dozen other episodes throughout.

  • Sara

    Hello – Twin Peaks?!

  • Sara

    Hello – Twin Peaks?!

  • Chachi

    No mention of Arrested Development makes this list invalid. 

  • Matthew Browne

    My personal favorite right now is Breaking Bad – an excellent show in every way, one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen in fact…

  • Finsta_123

    heroes, braking bad 

  • Skanderbouchair

    Breaking bad???

  • Skanderbouchair

    Breaking bad???

  • Jonny


  • Jonny


  • Raul M. (JRM)

    Breaking Bad, The X-Files, Firefly, LOST. All worth checking out. Great shows. 

  • Netflix surfer

    So this list it YOUR personaly top 20, not the REAL top 20 right?
    Because you did not put any of my and others favs:
    Breaking Bad, Sparticus, Dexter, Weeds, Prison Break, Jericho, and prolly others I cant think of right away..

  • Netflix surfer

    shows CURRENTLY on instant that should be top 20:

    Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, 24, Sparticus, Weeds, Prison Break, Jericho, The Tudors – all should be top 20 (and netflix has most of the seasons – if not all of them – for all these shows)

  • Halucaj

    24 is the best show

  • Joe brock

    Will we ever get cause or criminal minds or stuff like that?

  • Noah

    The best is How I met Your Mother, then goes Arrested Development, then That 70′s Show

  • wtfdood

    How are people supposed to take this seriously when you haven’t even watched some of these shows you’re recommending?

  • jellyb

    I,m on Netflix and Twilightzone isn,t on.