The 10 Best Worst ‘A.V. Club New Cult Canon’ Movies on Netflix Instant

26 Jun

Scott Tobias began the New Cult Canon series over at the A.V. Club back in 2008.  As he explains in the introduction, the intent of the series is to explore films that have attained cult status over the last twenty years.  Flickchart offers a New Cult Canon filter that allows users to rank and keep track of the movies they’ve seen that are covered in the articles.   To mix things up, here’s a list of the ten lowest ranked New Cult Canon films streamable on Netflix, rather than the most popular.  The majority of people have at least heard of the highest ranked New Cult Canon movies, so there’s no need to list them here.  The following are even more “cult-ish” in that they are not as widely known, or highly regarded. 

Birdemic: Shock and Terror

‘Birdemic’ New Cult Canon article at A.V. Club 


‘Stuck’ New Cult Canon article at A.V. Club

Code Unknown

‘Code Unknown’ New Cult Canon article at A.V. Club

The Lovers on the Bridge

‘The Lovers on the Bridge’ New Cult Canon article at A.V. Club

Irma Vep

‘Irma Vep’ New Cult Canon article at A.V. Club

Series 7: The Contenders

‘Series 7: The Contenders’ New Cult Canon article at A.V. Club

Troll 2

‘Troll 2′ New Cult Canon article at A.V. Club


‘Pulse’ New Cult Canon article at A.V. Club

Morvern Callar

Morvern Callar’ New Cult Canon article at A.V. Club



‘Alice’ New Cult Canon article at A.V. Club


    This is bullshit, The New Cult Canon isn’t a list of ‘worst’ movies by any means -it includes movies both good and bad that have gained cult status over the years. Read the articles themselves for each of these films and you’ll find several are viewed favorably. Just another stupid linkbait list article made by some illiterate doofus.

  • Chad Hoolihan

    The title wasn’t meant to be taken literally. The “Best Worst” was in reference to Troll 2, which has been called the Best Worst movie. This article was about the movies that are not highly ranked on Flickchart. It was not saying that they were the worst literally. The introduction states that.

  • Joe John

    obviously, no on has seen JC in the Hood, def worst than most of these movies