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Flickchart Matchup of the Day

I think we can all agree that women jumping out of airplanes is simply delightful, so let’s check out two films with female parachutists : 

Fathom vs. The Tarnished Angels

When most people hear the name Raquel Welch they automatically think of One Million Years B.C. and her cave girl bikini.  It’s an iconic image and she is looking pretty good.  I don’t dispute that.  I do, however, want to let everyone know that the film does not have the final word on Raquel and swimwear.  I would argue that her green bikini in Fathom deserves an equal amount of reverence, and that cave people are kind of gross.  In Fathom Raquel can speak in complete sentences and her character has access to modern sanitation.  Also, she is a trained dental assistant in addition to her parachuting skills.  Welch’s Loana character in One Million Years B.C. can make no such claims.

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