Sylvester Stallone Tweets Updates on The Expendables 3

Nigel Druitt

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1 Response

  1. John Robinson says:

    I’m waiting for it. I liked 1, and I loved 2. 3 will probably have to take a different direction though. I hope they keep Statham and Stallone, and maybe even Willis and Schwarzenegger, but yeah, some new blood would do it good. But I certainly hope they don’t get into the rut of just getting popular modern actors, but someone actually with some talent. Hemsworth was great. I just hope they don’t end up getting someone like Robert Pattinson… ugh. And I hope it doesn’t turn into a full comedy movie – I don’t like a lot of comedy movies. I liked the way they spouted each other’s catchphrases in 2, I thought that was kinda funny. As long as they keep the big boy run-and-gun over-the-top shoot everything and blow the rest up attitude, I think they’ll be okay. Oh, and the silly one-liners.