“Star Trek: The Next Generation” on the Big Screen

Travis McClain

Bats: R, Throws: R. How Acquired: Traded for a player to be named later. I hold a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Louisville, earned in history. I have lived with Crohn's disease since 2005, and chronic depression since my youth. I bring into each film that I view a world view shaped by those and other parts of my background. I try to be mindful of the socio-political themes and implications of movies, intended or otherwise, and that surely shows in my blog pieces. I also love doughnuts.

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6 Responses

  1. If I didn’t work 2nd shift, I’d be there front-and-center.

  2. George – You’ve got about six weeks to put in your request for the night off or to work out a trade with someone. Make it so!

  3. Nigel Druitt says:

    Won’t be anywhere near me, but that would be something to see, wouldn’t it?

    It’s tough when they have to choose from season one episodes. Datalore’s a pretty good one. I might be tempted to pair it with The Big Goodbye…or why not just do Encounter at Farpoint?

    Anyway, despite a few flashes of brilliance, TNG didn’t become truly awesome until the third season. With the exception of the original, all Star Trek series took a couple of seasons to really find their feet.

  4. NoelDarling says:

    If this is in the UK I’d be in!

  5. Is it because of your famed 45 minute drive, Nigel, or do you have a list of participating theaters? I looked and I couldn’t find one. In 2009, they screened the original series 2-parter, “The Menagerie” to promote the HD-DVD(!) release of the original series. That was through Fathom Events. I checked their site, and as of now there’s nothing there about this. I’ll keep my ears open, though.

    As for the episodes, I think the main thinking was that “Where No One Has Gone Before” should be a pretty nice showcase for the newly remastered special effects. I’m surprised they didn’t just go with “Encounter at Farpoint,” too. That was what I reflexively assumed would be the selection.

    I’m with you, though the point is to promote the Season One Blu-rays so it makes sense they didn’t pick episodes from subsequent seasons. Still…man, if they screened “The Best of Both Worlds,” I’d buy a ticket to that and just take my chances that my stupid guts wouldn’t sabotage me!

  6. Here’s the official list of participating theaters:


    Tickets go on sale to the general public next Friday (6/8), but are on sale now for registered members of startrek.com.