New Movies in Theaters: October 29, 2010

29 Oct


How do you rank October 29th’s new movies against some of the best films of all time?

Saw 3D – R – watch the trailer

Saw 3D movie reviews and rankings

Saw 3D movie discussions and rankings

It’s amazing how much life changes over the course of a 7-movie series. I watched the first SAW in the company of a bunch of hot, drunk 18 year old girls in college. I’ll probably watch this one alone in the dark while my wife quietly streams an old episode or two of QUANTUM LEAP off Netflix somewhere else in the house. Makes me feel old.

New Movies in Limited Release

Monsters – NR – watch the trailer

Monsters movie reviews and rankings

Monsters movie discussions and rankings

A cool looking post-apocalyptic movie that cost about as much as a Ford Focus to produce.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest – NR – watch the trailer

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest movie reviews and rankings

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest movie discussions and rankings

The third movie in the acclaimed trilogy. I keep on meaning to watch the first two through Netflix but the news that David Fincher will direct the American versions of the movies means I’ll probably just avoid them so I go in knowing nothing.

Welcome to the Rileys – NR – watch the trailer

Welcome to the Rileys movie reviews and rankings

Welcome to the Rileys movie discussions and rankings

Kristen Stewart in a more “adult” role than we’re used to.

Wild Target – NR – watch the trailer

Wild Target movie reviews and rankings

Wild Target movie discussions and rankings

Very nice little cast here: Emily Blunt, Bill Nighy, Rupert Grint and Martin Freeman (Bilbo!)

  • Nickcast

    I wish there was a way to add Versus Discussions. like to submit movies for discussion if there is I don’t know how. Can you guys please do Pans Labyrinth VS The Fountain. Then maybe do Inconvienent Truth Vs The Cove

  • Auruz

    @Nickcast,What i do is copy the ID Number of the two movies i want to pin against each and then paste the ID on a vs URL,like thisa :…if there is an easier way to do this i do not know,but this worked awesome to build my top ten very fast.