New Movies in Theaters: October 22, 2010

22 Oct


How do October 22nd’s new movies stack up against some of the best films of all time?

Paranormal Activity 2 – R – watch the trailer

Paranormal Activity 2 movie reviews

Paranormal Activity 2 movie discussions and rankings

This has been getting surprisingly decent reviews as of Thursday night. They’ve been showing it to the people you’d expect to like it but still, nice to see it’s not another Blair Witch 2. If you buy tickets on the official website, you get a free digital copy of the first Paranormal Activity via iTunes.

Last week’s limited theatrical releaseHereafter,” directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Matt Damon expands nationwide this week too.

New Movies in Limited Release

The Taqwacores – NR – watch the trailer

The Taqwacores movie reviews

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A “Muslim Punk Rock” movie. That description is more than enough to get me interested, too bad it’s only winning 21% of Flickchart battles.

Inhale – R – watch the trailer

Inhale movie reviews

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Dermot Mulroney and Diane Kruger go “to dangerous lengths to find a lung donor for their daughter.”

Rising Stars – R – watch the trailer

Rising Stars movie reviews

Rising Stars movie discussions and rankings

Official Synopsis: “A family musical with heart, Rising Stars explores the sacrifices that come with fame in reality television-obsessed culture. Challenged with creating songs and music videos, three musical acts find more than their futures on the line when the competition gets fierce and their lives are caught on tape broadcast to the nation. Egos clash and worlds collide as these teens find how far they will go to win the coveted prize and achieve stardom.”

It does have one thing working in its favor: Fisher Stevens.

  • viper

    Wow, the Paranormal Activity 2 is boring.
    But the first one was meh, too.