Matchup of the Day: Rogue One VS Suicide Squad

Chad Hoolihan

Having no affiliation with any spiritual or philosophical movements, Chad instead attempts to find meaning through watching movies.  He also enjoys  watching birds fight over food in supermarket parking lots.

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5 Responses

  1. Age of Empire says:

    They’re both kinda bad but Rogue One is slightly better

  2. I really enjoyed Rogue One and was incredibly disappointed with SS. Yes, Rogue One suffered from a lack of character development but other than that, its still a ton of fun. Not to mention finally seeing what made Darth Vader such a badass in the first place. SS just benefited from Will Smith. As great Margo was as Harley Quinn, i had a hard time believing her purpose for the team considering she didnt have any superpower or any real battle skills other than swinging a bat. So yeah, sex appeal. I’ll choose Rogue One.

  3. Rogue One – I liked it alot.

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