Matchup of the Day: Life of Pi vs. American Pie

Chad Hoolihan

Having no affiliation with any spiritual or philosophical movements, Chad instead attempts to find meaning through watching movies.  He also enjoys  watching birds fight over food in supermarket parking lots.

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3 Responses

  1. Nigel Druitt says:

    I always, always felt that the ending of Life of Pi was more open to interpretation. Maybe the book, which I read before seeing the film, is clearer on this. Or, maybe it is so open to interpretation, that every viewer/reader brings their own viewpoint to it.

    I always felt that, in the end, Pi was just giving his “interrogators” a story that they would find more believable, just so they could accept it. Pi asks the Writer which story he chooses to believe, and the Writer answers “the one with the tiger”. I choose to believe this as well, whether it is true or not.

  2. Ryan Barrett Ryan Barrett says:

    I’ll have a slice of American Pie, please.