Goon: A Flickcharter’s Movie Review

Ryan Stuckey

Ryan likes movies. They are one of his favorite things. He does everything in his power to not sound like an elitist when he talks about them. He would like to apologize in advance for all the times he will inevitably sound like an elitist talking about them. He also thinks it's awkward to write about himself in the third person. He can be found at SirStuckey on Flickchart and almost every other film ranking website.

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6 Responses

  1. Dan O'Neill says:

    A very funny and heartfelt flick that not only supplies plenty of blood, but also plenty of sweet moments as well that may cut you off guard at first. This is also a great performance from Seann William Scott who seems to be anti-Stifler, and what a better time for this to come out then in the week before the big reunion! Great review Ryan.

  2. greg says:

    I find this review lacking, inept, and amateurish. The love arc was very important, not only as character development, but to further showcase Glatt’s endearing, sensitive side. Fuck internet critics.

    • Ryan Stuckey says:

      The love story gives us nothing new to the character. We already find him endearing and sensitive because the film does an amazing job setting him up in the first act.

      What about the romance side plot made him more endearing? Because he was nice to a girl he liked? Had he acted any other way it would have been completely out of character.

      I have no problem with the movie having a romantic relationship but it could have been done better. Too many texts and phone conversations that only made the audience sort of dislike her and pity him because we thought she could potentially be playing our sweet protagonist. The relationship portions just couldn’t match the rest of the movie.

      Either way, I’m glad you liked the movie and I’m sorry you really hated my review.