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17 Feb

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Flickchart Matchup of the Day

Today is Denise Richards (41) and Hal Holbrook‘s (87) birthday, so let’s celebrate with two of their lowest-ranked films:

Tammy and the T-Rex vs. They Only Kill Their Masters

Both are about a misunderstood animal.  Well, actually, Tammy and the T-Rex is about a misunderstood robotic Tyrannosaurus with a transplanted human brain.  What happens is, Denise Richards has a crazed ex-boyfriend who attempts to feed her current boyfriend, played by Paul Walker, to a lion.  A mad scientist then kidnaps the injured young man from the hospital and steals his brain.  Which goes into the T-Rex.  When he realizes what has become of him, he escapes after flattening one of the scientist’s lackeys.  Richards spends the rest of the film hiding her dino-boyfriend while trying to find him a new body (because the original one decomposed).   

Going by IMDb, it appears that Tammy and the T-Rex is the first major film role for both Denise Richards and Paul Walker.  I actually think Richards manages to make it through the film without amassing too many indignities.  Walker doesn’t get much screen time, but he does engage in a fight with the psycho ex that results in aggressive groin grappling by both parties.  I laughed at that scene, as I tend to do when comedic groin violence is involved.  This is the trailer:

They Only Kill Their Masters  stars James Garner as a small town police chief investigating a murder involving a wrongly accused Doberman.  Holbrook plays the veterinarian who may or may not be a piece of the puzzle… You know, Hal Holbrook isn’t an actor I think about very much.  It’s kind of funny that his current #1 ranked film is All the President’s Men, in which his screen time is spent standing in the shadows (as Watergate informant “Deep Throat“).  He exists in the shadows of my cinematic consciousness.  From what I understand, however, he is famous for his portrayal of Mark Twain

Friday’s New Movie Releases

Cirkus Columbia

STARRING Miki Manojlovic  •  Mira Furlan  •  Boris Ler  •  Jelena Stupljanin  •  Milan Strljic

The Secret World Of Arrietty

STARRING Read under “Voice actors” in this Wikipedia article.  The cast depends on which version you see.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

STARRING Nicolas Cage  •  Idris Elba  •  Ciarán Hinds  •  Anthony Head  •  Christopher Lambert

This Means War

STARRING  Tom Hardy  •  Reese Witherspoon  •  Chris Pine  •  Chelsea Handler  •  Laura Vandervoort

On the Ice

STARRING Frank Qutuq Irelan  •  Adamina Kerr  •  John Miller  •  Josiah Patkotak  •  Rosabelle Kunnanna Rexford

Thin Ice

STARRING Billy Crudup  •  Greg Kinnear  •  Lea Thompson  •  Alan Arkin  •  Bob Balaban


Putin’s Kiss



Today is also Michael Bay‘s birthday, so I’ll leave you with this movie explosion montage in his honor.

(Or, if you’re a lover rather than a fighter, here’s the Bay-directed Divinyls video for “I Touch Myself”.)