Flickchart Daily: Matchup of the Day & New Movies in Theaters (w/Bonus Isabelle Huppert Matchup)

16 Mar

Matchup of the Day

Actress¬†Mercedes McCambridge was born on this date, so here’s a double feature of her playing some scary characters:

Johnny Guitar vs. The Exorcist

Mercedes McCambridge provided the demonic sounds that came out of Linda Blair in The Exorcist.¬† While that’s probably the role most people know her for (even if they don’t know McCambridge by name), she had a long career working in both film and television.¬† I probably watched The Exorcist a dozen times before I gave any thought to whose voice was behind the hellish obscenities and howls from beyond.¬† Here she is discussing how she approached the role:¬†¬†

In Johnny Guitar, McCambridge plays an all too human villain.¬† Fueled by bloodthirsty jealousy and romantic confusion, she spends the entire film trying to put a noose around Joan Crawford‘s neck.¬† In this scene, she shows up at Crawford’s saloon with an all-male posse accusing her of stagecoach robbery and murder:

Johnny Guitar is often interpreted as a feminist film.¬† The female characters in the movie are clearly the most formidable. ¬†McCambridge and Crawford hold all the power and make all the decisions.¬† (From what I’ve read, Barbara Stanwyck was originally considered for¬†McCambridge’s part.¬† Stanwyck did end up with a similar role a few years later in Forty Guns, where she too leads her own all-male crew on horseback.) Others have viewed the film as an indictment of¬†McCarthyism, or just a campy oddity.¬† I’ve seen¬†Johnny Guitar a few times and the campy oddity aspect might be the most apparent to modern viewers.¬† Here is director Martin Scorsese discussing the film: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†


Friday’s New Movie Releases

21 Jump Street


Casa de mi Padre


Seeking Justice




The FP


Kid With A Bike


Free Men


Jeff Who Lives at Home


Natural Selection


People v. The State of Illusion


Reuniting the Rubins


The Understudy



French actress Isabelle Huppert turns 59 today.¬† If you do a Google image search of certain female celebrities, the word “hot” will show up next to their name under related searches.¬† Isabelle Huppert is one such female.¬† I’ve been gradually working my way through her filmography, as I tend to do with all hot French actresses.¬† Of what I’ve seen, there’s the charmingly silly (My Best Friend’s Girl), the quietly disturbing (Home) and the seriously messed up (Ma m√®re).¬† All I know is, I’m in it for the long haul with Isabelle Huppert no matter what the rest of her body of work has in store for me. ¬†

(NOTE: Video may not be work safe.)



Speaking of Isabelle Huppert, if you’re feeling adventurous you should give this double feature a try:

The Piano Teacher vs. Variety

The Piano Teacher is currently Huppert’s top ranked film.¬† Variety is an independent American film from the 80′s that shares some interesting similarities.¬† Watch them back to back and discuss.

This is an interview with Huppert about The Piano Teacher, if you’d like to hear her perspective:

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