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28 Feb

Flickchart Matchup of the Day

This time around, we have two westerns starring performers who were guest hosts on The Muppet Show:

Lola Colt vs. Bite the Bullet

Singer/dancer/actress Lola Falana appeared on The Muppet Show during the fourth season, according to Muppet Wiki.  From what I’ve read about her, Falana was a pretty big deal back in the 70s.  She had her own television show (available on DVD) and was a major attraction in Las VegasIf you go to about the 5:00 mark on the following clip from The Muppet Show, you can get a look at some of her moves:

Lola Colt is the only western that Falana ever acted in. It’s also the only western I know of that is an Italian production starring an Afro-Cuban woman who was born in Philadelphia.  For some reason, Lola Colt reminds me of the film Viva Maria!, starring Jeanne Moreau and Brigitte Bardot.  Maybe it’s because both movies involve women who sing and dance, as well as fight for justice with the barrel of a gun.  Strangely, Lola Falana performs songs that sound like 70s funk (like above) rather than what one would expect in a period western.  Moreau and Bardot’s musical number is more appropriate for the time.

Bite the Bullet has not one, but two actors who were guest hosts – James Coburn and Candice Bergen (seasons five and one, respectively).  It’s about a grueling horse race with a colorful group of competitors who learn some lessons about life during their adventure.  The main focus is on the friendship/rivalry between Coburn and Gene Hackman‘s characters.  This is James Coburn teaching Animal to meditate on The Muppet Show

Candice Bergen plays the only female competitor in the race.  This clip from her guest appearance fittingly makes a feminist statement about gender roles:

New Blu-ray and DVD Releases


Johnny English Reborn

Directed By: Oliver Parker

Starring: Rowan Atkinson  •  Dominic West  •  Gillian Anderson  •  Rosamund Pike  •  Daniel Kaluuya

Genres: Comedy  •  Spy Comedy  •  Spy Film

Studios & Franchises: StudioCanal  •  Working Title Films


Directed By: Martin Scorsese

Starring: Ben Kingsley  •  Sacha Baron Cohen  •  Asa Butterfield  •  Chloe Moretz  • 

Genres:  •  Family  •  Family-Oriented Adventure  •  Family-Oriented Fantasy  • 

Studios & Franchises: Academy Award Best Picture Nominated

Justice League: Doom

Directed By: Lauren Montgomery

Starring:  Kevin Conroy  •  Tim Daly  •  Susan Eisenberg  •  Nathan Fillion  •  Carl Lumbly

Genres: Action  •  Animation  •  Based-on-Comics  •  Superhero Film

Studios & Franchises: DC Comics  •  Warner Bros. Animation

Bounty Hunters

Directed By: Patrick McBrearty

Starring:  Trish Stratus  •  Frank J. Zupancic  •  Boomer Phillips  •  Joe Rafla  •  Christian Bako

Genres: Action  •  Action Thriller  •  Thriller


Directed By: Ernesto Díaz Espinoza

Starring: Marko Zaror  •  Celine Reymond  •  Alejandro Castillo  •  Luis Alarcón  •  María José Prieto

Genres: Action  •  Action Comedy  •  Comedy  •  Foreign Language Film  •  Parody/Spoof  •  Spy Film

The Little Death

Directed By: Bret Wood

Starring:   Christie Vozniak  •  Clifton Guterman  •  Courtney Patterson  •  Daniel Thomas May  •  Gayle Rej

Genres: Erotic Thriller  •  Prostitution Film  •  Thriller

Studios & Franchises: Kino International

El Monstro del mar!

Directed By: Stuart Simpson

Starring: Norman Yemm  •  Nelli Scarlet  •  Kyrie Capri  •  Karli Madden  •  Kate Watts

Genres: Comedy  •  Horror  •  Horror Comedy  •  Monster Film  •  Ozploitation

Studios & Franchises: Breaking Glass Pictures

The Myth of the American Sleepover

Directed By: David Robert Mitchell

Starring: Amy Seimetz  •  Nikita Ramsey  •  Jade Ramsey  •  Jean Louise O’Sullivan  •  Amanda Bauer

Genres: Comedy Drama  •  Coming-of-Age  •  Drama

Studios & Franchises: IFC Films


Directed By: Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado

Starring: Lior Ashkenazi  •  Danny Geva  •  Ania Bukstein  •  Menashe Noy  •  Ran Danker

Genres: Black Comedy  •  Foreign Language Film  •  Horror  •  Horror Comedy

Studios & Franchises: 2011 Fantastic Fest

Vanya on 42nd Street

Directed By: Louis Malle

Starring: Wallace Shawn  •  Andre Gregory  •  Larry Pine  •  Madhur Jaffrey  •  Julianne Moore

Genres: Avant-garde / Experimental  •  Drama  •  Ensemble Film  •  Family Drama  •  Romance  •  Romantic Drama

Studios & Franchises: The Criterion Collection


Directed By: Fernando León de Aranoa

Starring: Magaly Solier  •  Celso Bugallo  •  Sonia Almarcha  •  Fanny de Castro  •  Pietro Sibille

Genres: Drama  •  Foreign Language Film

Studios & Franchises: Film Movement

Answers to Nothing

Directed By: Matthew Leutwyler

Starring: Dane Cook  •  Elizabeth Mitchell  •  Julie Benz  •  Barbara Hershey  •  Zach Gilford

Genres: Drama  •  Ensemble Film  •  Psychological Drama

Studios & Franchises: Roadside Attractions

Beneath the Darkness

Directed By: Martin Guigui

Starring: Dennis Quaid  •  Tony Oller  •  Aimee Teegarden  •  Stephen Lunsford  •  Devon Werkheiser

Genres: Ghost Film  •  Haunted House Film  •  Supernatural Thriller  •  Thriller

I Melt with You

Directed By: Mark Pellington

Starring: Thomas Jane  •  Jeremy Piven  •  Rob Lowe  •  Christian McKay  •  Carla Gugino

Genres: Drama  •  Psychological Drama  •  Reunion Films

Studios & Franchises: Magnolia Pictures  •  2011 AFI Film Festival


The Mighty Macs

Directed By: Tim Chambers

Starring:  Carla Gugino  •  Lauren Bittner  •  David Boreanaz  •  Marley Shelton  •  Ellen Burstyn

Genres: Based-on-a-True-Story  •  Docudrama  •  Drama  •  Sports Drama


These are scheduled to be released by Warner Archive:

Bedevilled (1955)

Buster Keaton at MGM Triple Feature: Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1931)/Speak Easily (1932)/The Passionate Plumber (1932)

Pick a Star (1937)

Play Girl (1941)

Pre-Code Double Feature: The Crash (1932)/Registered Nurse (1934)

Kay Kyser Double Feature: Playmates (1941)/Swing Fever (1943)

Dorothy Mackaill Pre-Code Double Feature: Bright Lights (1930)/The Reckless Hour (1931)


These are all scheduled to be released as part of the MGM Classics Collection:

The Big Night (1951)

Cool Blue (1990)

Hell Boats (1970)

Hornet’s Nest (1970)

Savage Sisters (1974)

Sinful Davey (1969)

Southwest Passage (1954)

Number One with a Bullet (1987)

Spellbinder (1988)

Summer Heat (1987)

Three Bad Sisters (1958)

Timbuktu (1959)

Wanda Nevada (1979)

The Wonderful Country (1959)



Canadian director Guy Maddin was born on this day fifty-six years ago.  I’ve seen a couple of his movies and they’re hard to mistake for any other director’s work.  Here are some of his short films to give you a sense of his style (if you’re not familiar):



And here he is talking about some Criterion Collection favorites (his film Brand Upon the Brain! was released by Criterion):


Roy Rogers also was a guest host on The Muppet Show.  It looks like he appeared in more westerns than all the other actors that I mentioned combined, going by his IMDb filmography.  I’ll let him close the article:

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