Flick Fights #27 – “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich.”

Travis Betz & Devin Barry

Travis Betz and Devin Barry are two movie lovers, who are also obsessed fans of the film ranking website, Flickchart. Join them as they pit movies against each other, waging verbal cinematic war while building a “best of” list on the blood of the defeated.

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7 Responses

  1. Nathan Chase says:

    Klugman needs to get up on that mic!

  2. Nathan Chase says:

    Also, you will all burn in hell for putting Jedi over Back To The Future. :)

  3. FitFortDanga says:

    Yes, PLEASE watch your levels. You were going so good for a while there and then this episode it’s back to same old volume issues.

    Also regarding the previous ep… you should both be ashamed of yourselves for not seeing Double Indemnity and you need to rectify that immediately.

  4. Ziggy51127 says:

    You guys shouldn’t be so hard on the podcast. I think you do a solid job and I know I check weekly to see if you’ve done one. Really like the idea of opening up the second half and voting for unranked films. Keep up the good work, really, it gets more entertaining every week.

  5. FitFortDanga says:

    I like what they’ve done with the second half too… although it can be PAINFUL for a cinephile to hear what these guys haven’t seen… not a single Ingmar Bergman film, Devin? Come on.

  6. Paul Harrell says:

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to chime in and say I love the podcast and have listened to every episode so far. Keep up the great work and thanks to Flickchart for hosting such a great podcast.

  7. Marc says:

    As always you guys keep me laughing at work. Great choices all around but I’m with Nathan, Jedi over Future is a crime!

    And Brian, just saw you in that episode of House the other night. Amazing I didn’t know that was you before I checked your IMDb page. Looking forward to Tron Legacy!!

    Take care fellas!