Flick Fights #10 – Merry Xmas Savings and Loan!

Travis Betz & Devin Barry

Travis Betz and Devin Barry are two movie lovers, who are also obsessed fans of the film ranking website, Flickchart. Join them as they pit movies against each other, waging verbal cinematic war while building a “best of” list on the blood of the defeated.

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6 Responses

  1. Koursaros says:

    No Festivus reference? Great holiday podcast nevertheless.

  2. FitFortDanga says:

    John Candy in Home Alone is the guy who helps the rest of the family get back home. I think he’s part of a polka group or something.

  3. FitFortDanga says:

    And also… A Christmas Story better than Fanny & Alexander? Unfuckingbelievable. You are insane.

  4. johnmason says:

    OF COURSE Lethal Weapon is a Christmas movie. I mean, jeez, there’s a shootout in a lot where they’re selling Christmas trees.


  5. NinjaWookiee says:

    Dude, I’m listening to this episode 3 years after it’s release, but I have to tell you this: I’m German and Christmas is celebrated big all over Germany. I really don’t get where you heard that stuff about us not liking Christmas…