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The Guilty Pleasures: Dragon Edition

Dragons. Are there any cooler creatures in all of mythology? Unfortunately, in the world of celluloid, these great creatures of imagination have not really gotten their due. (At least, not in live-action cinema; why...


The Guilty Pleasures: “Ricochet”

Ricochet (1991 | Rated R) Flickchart Ranking: #3835 Times Ranked: 2606 Win Percentage: 30% How Many Top-20’s: 1 Users It’s right around the time that John Lithgow and Jesse Ventura equip themselves with phone...


The Guilty Pleasures: “Point Break”

For years, people have told you that you should be embarrassed for liking particular movies. They might question your taste in film because you couldn’t stop giggling at Encino Man. You appreciate many of the...