All Dressed Up with C2E2 to Go

Travis McClain

Bats: R, Throws: R (Does both poorly.) How Acquired: Basically, I begged and pleaded to be allowed to contribute.

I hold a bachelor of arts degree earned in the discipline of history from the University of Louisville. I have four cats, am pro-LGBT equality and was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2005. I have also fought severe, chronic depression since my youth. I love baseball but am bored by every other sport. All of these, and more, factor into my perspective on the films I view and the thoughts I share in the blog posts below.

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2 Responses

  1. movieguyjon says:

    I feel like doing Ghost World would be more of a group costume project than an individual costume, especially since Seymour’s wardrobe has been requisitioned by the hipsters at large…if I’m not mistaken. That said, he’s an awesome character.

    I got to attend the first year of C2E2 and had a blast. They premiered the new Doctor Who season there and I think the biggest movie thing they had was a visit from Carrie Fisher. You could of course say hi to her and have her sign something for around $50.

    DId you get a chance to check out the Webcomic area of C2E2? Those guys were a hoot when I attended and the gamut of webcomics were well-represented.

  2. Jonathan, I have no idea why I never replied to your message! I assume you didn’t mean to post it in triplicate so maybe my response was lost? Whatever.

    Anyway, I think you’re right about Ghost World being a group theme. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I’ll never actually know two young women to go as Enid and Rebecca.

    I’ve now covered C2E2 for Flickchart twice and while I’m told it’s a medium-range show, its size is about perfect for me. There are enough panels and guests to be of interest, and enough restrooms that as long as I have my medication on me, I don’t worry too much about flaring. (Although this year, I wore down easily on Friday and had a terrible Saturday.)

    They do a really nice job mixing comic and media guests. I was surprised to see a booth dedicated to pro wrestlers this year, but they were set right outside the tattoo parlor area so it wasn’t too startling or intrusive and kinda made some measure of sense, I guess.

    The one thing that I really hope they address next year is providing better WiFi, particularly to the press. I missed out on one interview I was supposed to have conducted in large part because I couldn’t find and maintain a stable connection to show my interviewee what Flickchart was and how it worked. (Admittedly, it wasn’t C2E2’s fault that the rescheduled attempt at the interview, in the press room with a hardline connection, fell through.)