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netflix instant streaming movie release schedule

Well, this week is a bit of a bummer. Due to some contractual spats between STARZ and SONY, all of the movies SONY has home video distribution over were pulled from instant streaming. Notable movies include Easy A and Grown Ups but the biggest loss will be felt this week with The Social Network staying unavailable until the corporations get all the BS squared away.

The Movies that Would be Available to Stream this week, without the STARZ/SONY Contract Dispute

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It seems that without fail, I can never look away from this film once it appears on my TV screen. The appeal of this movie hurts me to the core; it brings me to a shame that would make Mother Teresa blush. I can’t imagine admitting this to anyone in my circle of family and friends. Only in the perceived safety of the internet and among fellow movie-buffs can I out-and-out say that I thoroughly enjoy Josie and the Pussycats. It’s currently at #50 on my Flickchart, just between Rachel Getting Married and Punch-Drunk Love. On the surface it’s asinine, it looks like the American version of Spice World, and it appeals to almost every feminine aspect that my feminist mother is against – but still…

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