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I recently wrote about a couple of lesser known films starring former Bond Girls in my Top 20 Sexiest Movies You’ve Never Seen article.  It’s probably not a big surprise that actresses who appeared in the venerable spy series would also show up in an erotically-tinged film or two.  They were, after all, chosen for their roles (at least in part) due to their physical gifts.  What many people may not be aware of is that 007′s interests also graced more than a few horror flicks with their fantasy-caliber figures.

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I want to say right off that Britt Ekland‘s dance scene from The Wicker Man (the original!) is my favorite of all time.  Even though, from what I’ve read, a Scottish woman acted as a body double for all the shots of her lower half (no point in letting facts ruin one’s fantasies, though).  I think the Flickchart blog caps off at PG-13, so I can’t actually show you a clip from the film.  You should watch the whole movie if you haven’t seen it, anyway, since it’s one of those classics that all upstanding movie aficionados should have under their belt.  Read the rest of this entry »