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A Flickchart Guide to TCM in March

This month on TCM it’s movies condemned by the Catholic Legion of Decency, Star of the Month Merle Oberon, a look at art and artists on film, and nearly 50 Movies to See Before You Die!

Flickchart Road Trip: North Dakota

Welcome to the latest installment of Flickchart Road Trip, in which I’m starting in Los Angeles and “driving” across country, watching one movie from each state and posting about it once a week. The new...

A Flickchart Guide to TCM in October

For October, TCM is bringing more Trailblazing Women, Star of the Month Christopher Lee, and lots and lots and lots of horror – not to mention nearly 50 Movies to See Before You Die.

Resisting the Blu-ray

I am a movie lover, but I keep telling myself I don’t need Blu-ray to prove it. What’s the big selling point? As my wife reminds me, I don’t have a high-def TV, so...