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andyhise on 1/5/2012 Reply  · 

These are my personal films ... some of them are high up simply because of a single moment, or an emotion triggered, which may only last a few seconds but which will always stay with me. That's the power of a good film. These are my 'desert island films' as opposed to 'the best films'. I have my Pantheon - Alien, 12 Angry Men and the rest of the top 10 - and once in a while something new creeps in there, like The Prestige, which is near-perfect and very recent. I do Flickhart while the kettle's boilng / the PC downloads something / having a sandwich / while I'm waking up at 5am / when I want to relax. Smart phones hep - you can Flickchart in a waiting room. But it is insane...10,000 clicks and I'm nowhere near happy with even my top 100, and you can forget about the order of anything outside the top 200 (as I write this on 05 Jan 2012). I predict I'll never be happy with my whole list, but I love it and am thoroughly addicted. Long live Flickchart.

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andyhise on 1/5/2012 Reply  · 

On Page 20 of Films I Haven't Seen

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