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Sullivan's Travels Mary Poppins

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Sullivan's Travels vs. Mary Poppins

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on 4/20/2014 had this to say:

"I guess these are two movies where a guy is shaken out of his limited world view.I rewatched Mary Poppins after several decades because I was still singing the songs, yet I couldn't remember much of the movie. Turns out that the sons are the best part. My biggest problem is that parts of the movie dragged when they could've been shorter. Glynis Johns and Julie Andrews were charming. I just wasn't that engaged in the story. Sullivan's Travels has some funny parts, and I had no problems with Veronica Lake. I did feel that the satire lost its way and became preachy melodrama. Still, I'd rather watch it over Mary Poppins. The songs are the only thing that hold up."