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Cannibal Holocaust vs. I Spit On Your Grave

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on 5/11/2014 had this to say:

"This is a tough one to determine as far as which one is more messed up. Cannibal Holocaust has a more diverse mixture of atrocities, while I Spit On Your Grave has the longest, most grueling display of brutality. I think what decides this for me is that I Spit has a more identifiable protagonist. With Cannibal Holocaust it's a bunch of natives vs. some assholes. The assholes certainly get what's coming to them, but there's no real satisfaction in it. Just an all around empty feeling. I Spit is one woman vs. assholes, and since I spent more time getting to know the Jennifer character I felt more involved in the revenge. It's arguable that neither film has a particularly happy ending. I Spit just has a more visceral payoff that stays with me. Cannibal Holocaust was going for a message that felt a bit forced. "