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Spring Breakers Breaking the Waves

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Spring Breakers vs. Breaking the Waves

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on 5/13/2014 had this to say:

"A couple of movies from galvanizing directors. Spring Breakers gets better with each viewing. It has so many wonderful things going for it. Breaking the Waves also has wonderful things. Perhaps this comes down to the endings of each film. Breaking the Waves ends in such a way that I am still shaking my head long after watching it. Spring Breakers is satirical, and so the ending, while over the top, fits the movie in a comfortable manner. Not so with Breaking the Waves. It's a gobsmacking climax. Philosophically it bothers me, I think. Yet it also warms my soul slightly. You know, I am not a Harmony Korine fan. Bit I am a Lars von Trier fan. But Spring Breakers resonates with me more aesthetically. Very close. "