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Hitman vs. La Strada

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on 5/13/2014 had this to say:

"I guess these are two movies where a tough guy drags along a needy woman. Giulietta Masina is quite cute in Ls Strada, though I liked her more in other movies (Nights of Cabiria!). Olga Kurylenko is blazingly gorgeous in Hitman, though I've liked her more in other movies, too (The Ring Finger!). Anthony Quinn plays a pitiable lout in La Strada while Timothy Olyphant plays a smooth killer in Hitman. I must say that Hitman is more entertaining. I never much cared for La Strada's ending, and the characters kind of bug me. I still enjoy certain aspects of it, though, and it does tug at my heart strings somewhat. Hitman is just more superficially satisfying and good for the repeat viewings. And, oh, OIga..."