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Evil Dead II Suspiria

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Evil Dead II vs. Suspiria

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on Feb 1 had this to say:

"Well, two of the most influential horror movies of my younger days. Evil Dead II can be credited for opening my eyes to horror flicks as a teenager. Suspiria can be credited for opening my eyes to horror movies as a young adult. Evil Dead II arguably had the greatest overall impact on the direction my tastes followed as a movie watcher, but Suspiria has stood up much better. Evil Dead II does offer one of the greatest first halfs of all time. Bruce Campbell being tortured to madness filled my youth with much joy. I had so much fun with him that the rest of the cast are serious wet blankets when they show up later in the film. Suspiria, though, while not perfect, does create a consistent mood of wonder and doom. There are no other films that fill its niche among my favorites."