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Repulsion vs. Sicario

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on 12/25/2015 had this to say:

"With Sicario you have Emily Blunt as a FBI agent who believes in the legal system who gradually gets pulled into a darker and more ambiguous reality. Repulsion has Catherine Deneuve falling deeper into irreality after being pushed by a reality that was already a bit sinister. Which journey is ultimately more disturbing? Deneuve takes control of her descent by striking out violently, while Blunt becomes more submissive. Benicio Del Toro is a more intimidating presence than Deneuve's jump scare hallucinations. And Blunt's world is all the more troubling because there is a dwindling distinction between good and evil. Deneuve eventually just sees evil everywhere and is consumed by her insanity. Blunt is left open to a reality worse than she imagined."