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The Grand Budapest Hotel Under the Skin

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The Grand Budapest Hotel vs. Under the Skin

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"Was Scarlett Johansson naked in Under the Skin? - Yes. Multiple times. Was her nakedness portrayed tastefully and artistically? - Yes. So much so that I did not find it erotic. Just a curiosity. Is her nakedness the best part of the movie? - No, I would say the trippy opening was. And the creepy soundtrack. Under the Skin reminded me of a 70s sci-fi flick in some ways. It's not that flashy. More moody and atmospheric. It also had that weird vibe of the era. I would almost call it avant-gardey to some extent. The Grand Budapest Hotel is not a groundbreaking Anderson film. Better than Moonrise Kingdom, maybe, but not special to my heart like Tenenbaums or Life Aquatic. Ralph Fiennes really is an awesome actor, and I'm starting to realize that he improves many of the films he appears in. He's very funny in Budapest, while overall the rest of the movie is just mildly amusing. I did enjoy it more than Under the Skin, which is not easy to warm up to. I don't think it has much to it, in all truth."