The Best Movies of 1967

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Thoroughly Modern Millie 1967, 153 min.

George Roy Hill     Starring: John GavinJames FoxMary Tyler Moore

Comedy    Farce    Musical

Down by 9 in the past 45 days 9

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Doctor Dolittle 1967, 152 min.

Richard Fleischer     Starring: Rex HarrisonSamantha EggarAnthony Newley

Adventure    Comedy    Family

Up by 23 in the past 45 days 23

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In Like Flint 1967, 114 min.

Gordon Douglas     Starring: James CoburnLee J. CobbJean Hale

Action    Action Comedy    Comedy

Down by 6 in the past 45 days 6

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It! 1967, 87 min.

Herbert J. Leder     Starring: Jill HaworthRichard GooldenOliver Johnston

Horror    Monster Film    Science Fiction

Held position in the past 45 days

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Down by 3 in the past 45 days 3

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Magical Mystery Tour 1967, 55 min.

The Beatles     Starring: George HarrisonPaul McCartneyRingo Starr

Comedy    Musical    Road Movie

Held position in the past 45 days

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Valley of the Dolls 1967, 123 min.

Mark Robson     Starring: Sharon TatePatty DukeBarbara Parkins

Drama    Melodrama    Showbiz Drama

Up by 36 in the past 45 days 36

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