The Best Exploitation Films of the 1960s

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Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

1965    Russ Meyer    Not Rated

Action    Action Comedy    Chase Movie

Held position in the past 45 days 0

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Blood Feast

1963    Herschell Gordon Lewis    Not Rated

Cannibal Film    Exploitation Film    Horror

Down by 2 in the past 45 days 2

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Two Thousand Maniacs!

1964    Herschell Gordon Lewis    Not Rated

Black Comedy    Exploitation Film    Horror

Down by 3 in the past 45 days 3

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The Born Losers

1967    Tom Laughlin    Rated PG

Action    Action Thriller    Biker Film

Down by 14 in the past 45 days 14

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1968    Russ Meyer    Not Rated

Comedy    Exploitation Film    Sex Comedy

Down by 17 in the past 45 days 17

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Venus in Furs

1969    Jesús Franco    Rated R

Erotic Thriller    Exploitation Film    Fantasy

Down by 31 in the past 45 days 31

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1965    Russ Meyer    Not Rated

Drama    Exploitation Film

Down by 43 in the past 45 days 43

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Motor Psycho

1965    Russ Meyer    Not Rated

Action    Biker Film    Exploitation Film

Down by 34 in the past 45 days 34

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Horrors of Malformed Men

1969    Teruo Ishii    Not Rated

Exploitation Film    Foreign Language Film    Horror

Down by 37 in the past 45 days 37

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Wild in the Streets

1968    Barry Shear    Rated R

Comedy Drama    Drama    Exploitation Film

Down by 48 in the past 45 days 48

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Kiss Me Quick

1964    Peter Perry Jr.    Not Rated

Comedy    Horror    Sex Comedy

Down by 53 in the past 45 days 53

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The Babysitter

1969    Don Henderson    Rated R

Erotic Thriller    Exploitation Film    Softcore Sex Film

Down by 22 in the past 45 days 22

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Color Me Blood Red

1965    Herschell Gordon Lewis    Not Rated

Exploitation Film    Horror    Slasher Film

Down by 20 in the past 45 days 20

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The Savage Seven

1968    Richard Rush    Rated R

Action    Action Thriller    Biker Film

Down by 10 in the past 45 days 10

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The Ghastly Ones

1968    Andy Milligan    Not Rated

Haunted House Film    Horror    Supernatural Horror

Down by 7 in the past 45 days 7

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Mondo Topless

1966    Russ Meyer    Not Rated

Culture and Society    Documentary    Exploitation Film

Down by 8 in the past 45 days 8

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