The Best Movies Directed by Eric Schaeffer

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If Lucy Fell

1996    Eric Schaeffer    Rated R

Romance    Comedy    Romantic Comedy

Down by 2 in the past 45 days 2

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1997    Eric Schaeffer    Not Rated

Comedy Drama    Romance    Romantic Drama

Down by 2 in the past 45 days 2

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Never Again

2002    Eric Schaeffer    Rated R

Comedy Drama    Romance    Romantic Comedy

Down by 5 in the past 45 days 5

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Wirey Spindell

2000    Eric Schaeffer    Rated R

Comedy Drama    Coming-of-Age    Sex Comedy

Down by 6 in the past 45 days 6

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Mind the Gap

2004    Eric Schaeffer    Rated R

Comedy Drama    Drama    Ensemble Film

Down by 10 in the past 45 days 10

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After Fall, Winter

2011    Eric Schaeffer    Not Rated

Drama    Romance    Romantic Drama

Down by 4 in the past 45 days 4

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