The Best Movies Starring Vincent D'onofrio

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The Salton Sea 2002, 103 min.

D.J. Caruso     Starring: Val KilmerVincent D'OnofrioR. Lee Ermey

Crime    Thriller    Post-Noir

Held position in the past 45 days

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Up by 20 in the past 45 days 20

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The Judge 2014, 141 min.

David Dobkin     Starring: Robert Downey Jr.Robert DuvallVera Farmiga

Comedy Drama    Drama    Family Drama

Down by 9 in the past 45 days 9

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Thumbsucker 2005, 96 min.

Mike Mills     Starring: Vince VaughnVincent D'OnofrioBenjamin Bratt

Comedy Drama    Coming-of-Age    Drama

Up by 47 in the past 45 days 47

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Happy Accidents 2000, 110 min.

Brad Anderson     Starring: Marisa TomeiVincent D'OnofrioNadia Dajani

Comedy    Mystery    Romance

Down by 14 in the past 45 days 14

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Down by 12 in the past 45 days 12

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Dying Young 1991, 111 min.

Joel Schumacher     Starring: Julia RobertsCampbell ScottDavid Selby

Romance    Drama    Romantic Drama

Down by 12 in the past 45 days 12

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