The Best Movies Starring Waise Lee

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A Better Tomorrow 1986, 95 min.

John Woo     Starring: Leslie CheungLung TiWaise Lee

Action    Action Thriller    Buddy Film

Down by 13 in the past 45 days 13

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Running Out of Time 1999, 93 min.

Johnnie To     Starring: Andy LauChing Wan LauYoYo Mung

Action    Action Thriller    Crime

Down by 32 in the past 45 days 32

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Centre Stage 1992, 154 min.

Stanley Kwan     Starring: Maggie CheungTony Leung Ka FaiHan Chin

Based-on-a-True-Story    Biopic    Drama

Down by 194 in the past 45 days 194

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The Big Heat 1988, 90 min.

Johnnie To, Yeung-Wah Kam     Starring: Waise LeeKong ChuPhilip Kwok

Action    Action Thriller    Crime

Down by 36 in the past 45 days 36

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The Cat 1992, 84 min.

Ngai Choi Lam     Starring: Phillip KwokSiu-Ming LauWaise Lee

Foreign Language Film    Horror    Monster Film

Down by 55 in the past 45 days 55

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Down by 68 in the past 45 days 68

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To Be Number One 1991, 136 min.

Man Kit Poon     Starring: Ray LuiKent ChengCecilia Yip

Based-on-a-True-Story    Biopic    Crime

Down by 27 in the past 45 days 27

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Hu Du Men 1996, 87 min.

Kei Shu     Starring: Josephine SiaoAnita YuenDaniel Hiu Tung Chan

Based-on-Theatre    Comedy Drama    Drama

Down by 37 in the past 45 days 37

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Down by 58 in the past 45 days 58

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