The Best Movies Starring Tony Leung

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2046 2004, 129 min.

Wong Kar-Wai     Starring: Tony LeungLi GongFaye Wong

Drama    Foreign Language Film    Psychological Sci-Fi

Held position in the past 45 days

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Cyclo 1995, 123 min.

Tran Anh Hung     Starring: Le Van HocTony LeungTran Nu Yên-Khê

Comedy    Coming-of-Age    Crime Drama

Up by 1 in the past 45 days 1

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Infernal Affairs III 2003, 107 min.

Wai-keung Lau     Starring: Kelly ChenChen DaomingLeon Lai

Crime    Crime Thriller    Drama

Up by 1 in the past 45 days 1

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Tokyo Raiders 2000, 118 min.

Jingle Ma     Starring: Tony LeungEkin ChengKelly Chen

Action    Action Comedy    Action Thriller

Down by 16 in the past 45 days 16

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The Longest Nite 1998, 81 min.

Patrick Yau     Starring: Tony LeungLau Ching-WanMaggie Siu

Action Thriller    Action    Crime

Up by 4 in the past 45 days 4

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Your Place or Mine 1998, 100 min.

James Yuen     Starring: Tony LeungAlex FongAda Choi

Comedy    Foreign Language Film    Romance

Up by 8 in the past 45 days 8

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Down by 3 in the past 45 days 3

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Lost and Love 2015, 108 min.

Sanyuan Peng     Starring: Andy LauBoran JingSandra Ng

Drama    Foreign Language Film    Melodrama

Up by 9 in the past 45 days 9

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