The Best Movies Starring Richard Farnsworth

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The Straight Story 1999, 112 min.

David Lynch     Starring: Sissy SpacekJohn LordanHarry Dean Stanton

Americana    Drama    Road Movie

Held position in the past 45 days

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Held position in the past 45 days

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The Getaway 1994, 115 min.

Roger Donaldson     Starring: Alec BaldwinMichael MadsenDavid Morse

Crime    Action    Action Thriller

Down by 1 in the past 45 days 1

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Rhinestone 1984, 111 min.

Bob Clark     Starring: Dolly PartonRon LeibmanRichard Farnsworth

Comedy    Odd Couple Film    Showbiz Comedy

Down by 15 in the past 45 days 15

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Lassie 1994, 94 min.

Daniel Petrie     Starring: Tom GuiryJon TenneyMichelle Williams

Adventure    Family    Animal Picture

Down by 20 in the past 45 days 20

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Ruckus 1981, 93 min.

Max Kleven     Starring: Linda BlairDirk BenedictRichard Farnsworth

Drama    Romantic Drama    Romance

Down by 8 in the past 45 days 8

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Sylvester 1985, 104 min.

Tim Hunter     Starring: Michael SchoefflingConstance TowersPete Kowanko

Drama    Family    Sports Drama

Up by 7 in the past 45 days 7

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Down by 17 in the past 45 days 17

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