The Best Movies Starring Nieves Navarro

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All the Colors of the Dark

1972    Sergio Martino    Not Rated

Giallo    Horror    Supernatural Horror

Down by 25 in the past 45 days 25

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Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion

1970    Luciano Ercoli    Not Rated

Giallo    Mystery    Thriller

Down by 59 in the past 45 days 59

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Down by 69 in the past 45 days 69

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Death Walks on High Heels

1971    Luciano Ercoli    Not Rated

Crime    Giallo    Mystery

Down by 61 in the past 45 days 61

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The Return of Ringo

1965    Duccio Tessari    Not Rated

Action    Foreign Language Film    Spaghetti Western

Up by 5 in the past 45 days 5

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Ballad of Death Valley

1965    Duccio Tessari    Rated R

Action    Drama    Spaghetti Western

Up by 3 in the past 45 days 3

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Death Walks at Midnight

1972    Luciano Ercoli    Not Rated

Crime    Foreign Language Film    Giallo

Up by 7 in the past 45 days 7

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Kiss Kiss... Bang Bang

1966    Duccio Tessari    Not Rated

Action    Adventure    Foreign Language Film

Up by 9 in the past 45 days 9

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Death Carries a Cane

1973    Maurizio Pradeaux    Rated R

Foreign Language Film    Giallo    Thriller

Held position in the past 45 days 0

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Naked Violence

1969    Fernando Di Leo    Not Rated

Crime    Crime Drama    Drama

Up by 9 in the past 45 days 9

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El rojo

1967    Leopoldo Savona    Not Rated

Foreign Language Film    Spaghetti Western    Western

Up by 6 in the past 45 days 6

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