The Best Movies Starring Gong Li

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To Live 1994, 125 min.

Yimou Zhang     Starring: Ge YouNiu BenGuo Tao

Drama    Family Drama    Foreign Language Film

Down by 7 in the past 45 days 7

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The Story of Qiu Ju 1993, 101 min.

Yimou Zhang     Starring: Gong LiGe ZhijunLiu Peiqi

Comedy Drama    Drama    Foreign Language Film

Down by 18 in the past 45 days 18

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Shanghai Triad 1995, 103 min.

Yimou Zhang     Starring: Li BaotianSun ChunWang Xiaoxiao

Coming-of-Age    Crime Drama    Crime

Down by 20 in the past 45 days 20

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Chinese Box 1998, 99 min.

Wayne Wang     Starring: Gong LiRubén BladesJeremy Irons

Drama    Melodrama    Romance

Down by 64 in the past 45 days 64

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Temptress Moon 1996, 130 min.

Kaige Chen     Starring: Leslie CheungGong LiHe Saifei

Costume Romance    Drama    Epic

Down by 124 in the past 45 days 124

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Shanghai 2010, 105 min.

Mikael Håfström     Starring: John CusackJeffrey Dean MorganChow Yun-Fat

Drama    Mystery    Romance

Down by 158 in the past 45 days 158

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Zhou Yu's Train 2004, 96 min.

Zhou Sun     Starring: Gong LiLi ZhixiongLiu Weiguang

Drama    Foreign Language Film    Romance

Down by 144 in the past 45 days 144

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