The Best Movies Starring Gabriel Macht

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Behind Enemy Lines 2001, 106 min.

John Moore     Starring: Owen WilsonGene HackmanGabriel Macht

Action    Adventure    Escape Film

Held position in the past 45 days

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Bad Company 2002, 116 min.

Joel Schumacher     Starring: Anthony HopkinsChris RockGabriel Macht

Action    Action Comedy    Comedy

Down by 2 in the past 45 days 2

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Middle Men 2009, 105 min.

George Gallo     Starring: Luke WilsonGiovanni RibisiGabriel Macht

Based-on-a-True-Story    Biopic    Comedy

Held position in the past 45 days

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The Spirit 2008, 103 min.

Frank Miller     Starring: Jaime KingEva MendesGabriel Macht

Action    Based-on-Comics    Crime

Down by 8 in the past 45 days 8

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Why Would I Lie? 1980, 105 min.

Larry Peerce     Starring: Treat WilliamsLisa EichornGabriel Macht

Drama    Romance    Romantic Drama

Down by 3 in the past 45 days 3

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Archangel 2005, 133 min.

Jon Jones     Starring: Daniel CraigEkaterina RednikovaGabriel Macht

Crime    Drama    Mystery

Up by 11 in the past 45 days 11

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