The Best Movies Starring Fernando Rey

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Viridiana 1961, 90 min.

Luis Buñuel     Starring: Silvia PinalFransisco RabalFernando Rey

Black Comedy    Comedy Drama    Drama

Held position in the past 45 days

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Companeros 1970, 118 min.

Sergio Corbucci     Starring: Franco NeroTomas MilianJack Palance

Buddy Film    Comedy    Comedy Western

Held position in the past 45 days

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Quintet 1979, 118 min.

Robert Altman     Starring: Paul NewmanVittorio GassmanFernando Rey

Disaster Film    Dystopian Film    Mystery

Down by 3 in the past 45 days 3

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Run Like a Thief 1968, 92 min.

Bernard Glasser     Starring: Ina BalinFernando ReyKieron Moore

Adventure    Crime

Up by 8 in the past 45 days 8

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Cold Eyes of Fear 1971, 81 min.

Enzo G. Castellari     Starring: Giovanna RalliFrank WolffFernando Rey

Crime    Giallo    Thriller

Up by 11 in the past 45 days 11

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The Night Heaven Fell 1958, 95 min.

Roger Vadim     Starring: Brigitte BardotFernando ReyStephen Boyd

Crime    Crime Drama    Drama

Up by 10 in the past 45 days 10

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