The Best Movies Starring Bernie Mac

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Bad Santa 2003, 91 min.

Terry Zwigoff     Starring: Billy Bob ThorntonTony CoxLauren Graham

Black Comedy    Comedy    Crime

Held position in the past 45 days

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Head of State 2003, 95 min.

Chris Rock     Starring: Chris RockBernie MacDylan Baker

Comedy    Political Satire    Satire

Down by 12 in the past 45 days 12

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Booty Call 1997, 79 min.

Jeff Pollack     Starring: David HemblenBernie MacGedde Watanabe

Comedy    Sex Comedy

Down by 23 in the past 45 days 23

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Down by 34 in the past 45 days 34

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Pride 2007, 104 min.

Sunu Gonera     Starring: Bernie MacTom ArnoldAlphonso McAuley

Drama    Docudrama    Sports Drama

Down by 28 in the past 45 days 28

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The Players Club 1998, 104 min.

Ice Cube     Starring: Lisa RayeBernie MacChrystale Wilson

Comedy Drama    Drama

Down by 53 in the past 45 days 53

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Soul Men 2008, 100 min.

Malcolm D. Lee     Starring: Bernie MacSamuel L. JacksonSean Hayes

Comedy    Drama    Reunion Films

Down by 13 in the past 45 days 13

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The Walking Dead 1995, 88 min.

Preston A. Whitmore II     Starring: Allen PayneEddie GriffinJoe Morton

Combat Films    Drama    War

Down by 19 in the past 45 days 19

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